You have found a property you are interested in and you are getting ready to go see it in person. Perhaps your real estate agent alerted you to a new waterfront home and you think it might just be the perfect fit. When you schedule a real estate showing, it is important that you get the most out of this experience as possible. As experts in real estate in Kirkland, our goal is to help our clients find a home they truly love in a location they adore.

When you are getting ready to view a home that is for sale, keep these helpful tips in mind so you can get the most out of the experience.

#1: Plan Enough Time In Your Schedule

When you are taking out the time to go view a property you are interested in, be sure you actually afford yourself enough time to give the property a detailed look. Don’t try to squeeze in a property showing between other important meetings in your schedule. Allot an entire afternoon or evening to just viewing the property.

At worst, if you finish viewing the property quickly, you have some extra time to think it over or discuss it with your spouse or family. However, when you don’t allow for enough time, you can wind up feeling rushed as you view the home. Rushing through a property showing won’t allow you to get a real feel for what the home is like. It also can cut into time you could have used to ask important questions, take notes, and talk to your real estate agent further about the details of the purchase.

When you are viewing a waterfront property, this is particularly true. You will want time to not only look over all the rooms in the home, but you will also want time to get a feel for what the exterior features are like.


#2: Wear Comfortable Shoes

This is a simple tip but often overlooked. When you go to view a home, you will be walking around, possibly going up and down flights of stairs, and touring the entire property. Be prepared for the tour by wearing the right shoes. Opt for a shoe that is comfortable and easy to walk on any terrain in.

Remember, viewing a property should be something you can do enjoyably. Any sort of footwear or clothing that will make touring the home difficult should not be chosen.

#3: Pay Attention To Details

While you may be excited about the real estate you are viewing and tempted to rush around the home to see each room, make sure you take the time to pay attention to the details. Bring along a notepad if you would like to copy down some notes for yourself. You may wind up viewing more than one home, which can make remembering the details of each place difficult.

Take note about what the bathrooms are like, what kind of a kitchen the property has, and if it contains the important features you are hoping to find. Just like we mentioned in the first tip, it is important to not rush yourself when you are touring a home. Later, when you are making your final decision, those details will be important to you.

#4: Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you view a property. Your real estate agent should be willing to help you find out any information you need. For example, if you are touring a waterfront property, you might want to ask questions about what activities are allowed on the water.

If you already know there are some key things you want to know about the property, write down the questions before you leave. This can help you avoid forgetting important questions in the moment. Never hesitate to gather as much data as you can during the showing.

#5: Be Courteous

As with anything in life, being courteous contributes greatly in making a pleasant experience for everyone involved. Small things, such as asking before you start snapping photos, can go a long way in creating a positive experience. If it turns out the property isn’t the right fit for you, be courteous in your interactions as you decide this as well.

#6: Be Open To Suggestions

It is easy when you are viewing a property to be looking for the exact home you have contrived in your dreams. While we specialize in helping people find the ideal real estate in Kirkland for their needs, it is often the case that the perfect home is a little different than you envisioned. There are some features that either fit your needs or do not. For example, if you want a waterfront home, a home without this important outdoor feature will not be a good fit. However, if you find a great piece of property on the waterfront that you want but the bathroom is a style you hate, this can be remedied through a remodel.

Be open to the suggestions your real estate agent has for you. They can guide you in choosing a home that can be customized to meet your specific wants and needs.

When you are getting ready to find your next home, we hope you will reach out to the team at Bryan Loveless & Associates. We specialize in real estate in Kirkland and the surrounding areas. We love helping our clients both sell their old homes and find their new homes. Whether you envision a waterfront property or a luxury home, we can help lead you to the best options on the market. Reach out today to learn more.