You’re ready to start the new phase of your life. You got the dream job, you found a new house, there is only one thing left to do… sell your current home. This can seem like a daunting and frustrating task. We’ve all heard horror stories about houses staying on the market for a ridiculous amount of time. This leaves the families in an awkward “are we staying or going” stage, practically begging potential buyers to purchase the house for pennies just so that they can move on with their lives.

At Bryan Loveless & Associates, we know the real estate market of Kirkland, WA, better than anyone and we promise to find a buyer for your home as quickly as possible and for the best price. One of the top ways to ensure this is through curb appeal. Buyers often give houses a hard no before even stepping foot inside if they don’t like the look of it from the outside.

It’s important that they can see themselves and their family calling your house their home. They want to imagine their kids playing in the sprinklers out front under the rays of the summer sun, kissing their spouse goodbye outside the front door as they leave for work, and relaxing on the patio when they get home. It will be hard for them to picture this if the roof is falling apart, the grass is dead, the paint is chipped, and the windows smudged. Instead of seeing their dream home, they’ll see the makings of a scary movie and burn rubber getting out of there.

There are a lot of simple things to do in order to up your curb appeal and attract buyers. While some might cost a little bit of money, it will save you in the long run by increasing the value of your home on the market and getting your home sold before you know it. There are a lot of ways to increase the appeal of your home, so we’re going to split this blog in two to give you an array of options. Here’s the first set of ways to wow potential buyers before even entering the house.

Paint the Front Door

It is crucial that your front door is eye-catching and, more importantly, welcoming. Not only is it the main entry into the home, but the first thing people notice when walking up. Visiting family, friends, and even pizza delivery boys will be using it, and gives the first impression of what awaits inside. If the wood is rotting and the paint is peeling off, the house won’t feel very approachable.

When we say “eye-catching,” we’re not saying to paint it tie-dye. Instead, we recommend warm colors that really accentuate the rest of the house and gives passerby a welcoming feeling. Painting your door not only adds immediate curb appeal to the home, but it is also quick and affordable.

Keep Up with Maintenance

If you secretly don’t want to sell your house, or are some sort of economic masochist who wants to sell for the lowest possible offer, you can ignore this section. For the logical home sellers, keep reading. Nothing will turn away a potential buyer like hanging gutters and cracked windows. It is estimated that ignoring damage and maintenance tasks on your house will decrease the value by up to 10%; no good for those of you trying the make the most out of the deal.

Whether you hire a handyman or do the job yourself, make sure to fix the issues. If you have sagging gutters, replace or refasten them. Cracked windows? Get new ones. People want to have the feeling that they’re starting anew when they move in, they don’t want to be concerned with fixing problems left by the previous tenant.

Wash the House

As logical and simple as it may seem, washing the house is estimated to increase the sale price by up to $15,000! Make sure to wipe off the dirt and grime that has accumulated on the siding, and for more durable areas like concrete, brick, and metal, use a power washer to make the areas spotless. Once again, when someone is looking to buy a home, they want it to be their own and not be reminded that it was previously occupied. Giving the place a good scrubbing and washing will make the house look fresh and brand new.

Bryan Loveless & Associates

Our team of dedicated real estate agents at Bryan Loveless & Associates in Kirkland, WA, are ready and excited to help you sell your house quickly and efficiently. Using property specific marketing strategies, we ensure we’ll find you the home of your dreams, or help you to sell your house or property to qualified buyers. Make sure to contact us today to schedule an appointment, and stay tuned for more ways to up your curb appeal!