Selling a home, especially quickly and efficiently, requires a lot of work. With up to 90% of potential buyers starting their search online, it all begins with the images of your home. Buyers have an extremely short attention span when looking for a home, so if they’re not impressed immediately, they’re most likely going to move on to the next listing and never look back. If your photos are grainy, dull, or if your home can be likened to a horror movie set, it’s unlikely that it will gather much interest.

After achieving initial interest, getting prospective buyers to tour the house is the next step. Obviously, if they have to cut their way through the overgrowth in your front lawn with a machete to reach the front door, they’re probably not going to be putting an offer down on the home.

Appearances and amenities play a huge role when it comes to real estate in Kirkland and selling your home. In the initial stages of their search, most buyers don’t even read through the listing description, basing their opinion solely on the look of the house. Those looking for a new home want to be wowed, and be able to envision themselves, and their loved ones, living out the rest of their lives in this home. Especially with so many beautiful waterfront properties in Kirkland, it’s important to stand out from your neighbors.

Maybe the easiest and most effective way to accomplish this is by investing in some hardscaping for your property. While it might seem like extra work and costs when all you want to do is sell your home, in the end it will add value to the property, and get more people showing interest.

While softscaping involves live horticultural components such as plants, flowers, gardens, and the like, hardscaping features are permanent to the landscape. Let’s go through a couple examples of hardscaping that can really add to the appeal of your home.


Oh, the sad existence of the poor driveway. It’s the last to send you on your way, and the first to greet you when you get home. But what does it get in return? Oil stains, cracks, weeds, and no respect. You begin to overlook the driveway after becoming accustomed to a home, but for potential buyers it’s one of the first things they see. 

Hardscaping the driveway could be as simple as getting it repaved, or simply filling in the cracks. But if you want to take it to the next level, you have many options including layered brick, tile, and even softscape if you’re feeling extra creative.

Buyers will be impressed before they even get out of their car, and start envisioning what it would be like to pull into that beautiful driveway after a long day of work.


Especially if your backyard includes flowers and/or gardens (if not, this is a great softscaping idea to add value), installing a walkway truly gives the yard a luxurious atmosphere, and sparks the imagination of open house attendees. They can see themselves walking out into their new backyard to water the garden, or sit back and put their nose in the book, without worrying about stepping on a hidden gift left by the family dog, or a flower that just began to bloom.

Walkways really add to the allure of front and backyards, and will certainly catch the eye of perspective homebuyers. With many options for material (brick, stone, wood) it’s really up to you and what would match the style of the home.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Depending on the size and set-up of your backyard, including an outdoor living space is huge in influencing buyers. Who doesn’t want an area to barbecue, host a party, or just a seclusive area to enjoy some peace and quiet. Once again, this provides you with many options. Gazebos never fail to impress, nor do pergolas.

One rising trend is even a full outdoor kitchen! This would truly set your property apart from your competition! Buyers would dream of a future hosting lunch, brunch, and dinner parties with all of the envious neighbors.


Especially with waterfront real estate in Kirkland, fences would immediately appeal to buyers with young kids, pets, or the introverts that would prefer not having encounters with their neighbors. Fences are a big selling point, and give the buyers a sense of security and privacy. Whether you go for the classic white picket fence, or even a living fence involving bushes or trees, investing in a fence will absolutely increase the value of your real estate.

Bryan Loveless & Associates

While this list only scratches the surface of your hardscaping options, it at least gives you an idea of some options you have. Maybe you’d also like to include a fire pit? Or add some outdoor lighting to your yards, increasing the homebuyers sense of security and the allure of the landscape. The choice is yours, we hope to have at least sparked your creative fire.

At Bryan Loveless & Associates, our goal is to help attract well qualified buyers, and sell your home quickly, and for the best offer by using our experience and cutting edge resources. We specialize in luxury homes and waterfront properties, so if you’re looking for the home of your dreams, or selling your property, be sure to contact us today to schedule an appointment.