Our modern lives are busy, busy, busy, and when you get home at the end of a long day what you want is peace and relaxation. If your home is a source of stress you will never have that feeling of serenity at the end of the day, and won’t be able to unwind. Stress can come from unfinished projects, messes and clutter, or a home that is dark and cramped. If you are looking for a new home in the Kirkland or Bellevue areas, read our tips on how to pick one that will be the peaceful retreat you are looking for. Even if you are not moving, these tips can make any home a little more peaceful!

Let in the Light

A dark gloomy home is nobody’s idea of a peaceful retreat. Too few windows, windows that are too small, or windows that are placed on the North side of the house can all make your house feel dark and dreary. Small windows also don’t allow you to capture the view around your home, and look off into the distance and unwind. Along with small windows, if you don’t have good scenery outside of your home you can start to feel closed in. A new home with a great view and big picture windows can solve the problem of being closed in or a home that is too dark. A bright, sunny home helps you feel more energetic, more motivated, and happier. Plus, having an abundance of windows allows you to open them up and let the fresh air in—not only improving indoor air quality, but bringing the freshness of the outdoors in. If your current home is not light enough, make sure that you make windows a priority on your new house wish list.

Outdoor Space

Along with letting the light and fresh air into your home, having amazing outdoor spaces to enjoy will make your home seem more like a sanctuary as well. Being able to swing in a hammock on breezy spring days, relax with a book and a glass of wine on your terrace, or to watch a beautiful sunset with dinner all make your home feel like your favorite resort. A property with a water feature running through it or a pond or fountain can give you the soothing sounds of a babbling brook, adding to the relaxation factor. A table outdoors gives you access to alfresco dining whenever the weather is nice, and can be a good break from the demands of the day. Outdoor space that flows from the indoors makes it easy to enjoy, and choosing sliding glass doors, french doors, or even a whole glass garage door can make the transition seamless. A home that beckons you to enjoy the outdoor spaces will make you more relaxed and refreshed.

A Luxury Bathroom

For a busy family, a shower or a soak in the tub is one place that you can truly unwind and relax uninterrupted. Take advantage of this time by making a luxury bathroom on your list of priorities in a new home. Think of relaxing in a huge tub at the end of a long day, possibly overlooking a great view, with low lighting and soft music. The bath is a perfect place to unwind—think of how you love the bathroom at your favorite hotels! Choosing to have a bathroom with modern finishes and high-end features can take the room to the next level. Consider a floor with radiant heat, a towel warmer, dual shower heads, or an overhead rain shower head. A jetted tub can give you the feeling of soaking in a hot tub, and you can jump in any time you need to unwind! A peaceful home will definitely include a bathroom that inspires relaxation and luxury.

A Space to Create

Many people need a creative outlet, separate from work, where they can learn new skills or just relax with art or crafts. Having a dedicated space in your home where you can spread out and create can help your home be a haven and a place you look forward to returning to. Whether your dream home will have a garage large enough for your woodworking shop or classic car restoration, or if you just need a quiet space to knit, crochet, or practice your violin, making sure that there is room for hobbies is essential. Great lighting, comfortable places to sit, and a dedicated space can help you make your creative outlet a priority, and something that is easy to pick up at any time.

A Relaxing Bedroom

Because everyday life can leave you exhausted, the last thing you want at the end of the day is an uncomfortable and unwelcoming bedroom. Your bedroom should be inviting, uncluttered, and set aside for sleeping and unwinding. Sometimes a TV or a computer in the bedroom can disrupt the peacefulness and cause you to get less restful sleep. A bedroom that feels spacious, has plenty of windows, and large closets to keep things tidy and organized is crucial. Perhaps your next bedroom needs a walk-in closet that can give you the space you need and eliminate the feeling of cramped chaos that is your current closet state. A bedroom with an adjoining terrace or balcony gives you the feeling of being on vacation all the time, and is a great way to end the night or start the morning.

A Waterfront Home

Do you truly want to unwind at home? A home on the water is the best way to do this! Not only does a waterfront home provide a great natural feature right in your backyard, but the soothing views, sounds, and animals that surround a lake or river home transport you out of your daily stress and into a place of peace. Imagine looking out over the lake as the sun turns crimson, and visiting with friends at the end of a busy week while the water laps on the shore. A waterfront home can be close in the city but make you feel like you are miles away, which is exactly what you want a home to feel like. A waterfront home can provide the peaceful atmosphere you desire, and can give you instant access to canoeing, kayaking, swimming, or spending hours fishing on the shore. The water has an instantly calming effect, and having a waterfront home allows you to always harness the serenity that water brings.

So when you look for your next home, make sure you focus on features that can make your home feel like a luxurious retreat. When you work with Bryan Loveless and Associates you know you are getting the experts in Kirkland and Bellevue real estate who can help you find the home of your dreams—contact us today!