When you have a waterfront property, you not only have access to beautiful window front views, you also have access to some of the finest outdoor living space available. If you have recently purchased a waterfront property or you are currently working with a realtor in Kirkland to find one, be sure you save a little room in your budget to invest in a stunning outdoor living space.

An outdoor living space is more than just a place to unwind at the end of a long day, it is the ideal place for entertaining guests, making memories with your family, and connecting with nature in your day-to-day life. Read on to learn more about how you can create an exciting outdoor living space at your waterfront home. As always, reach out to talk to a realtor in Kirkland from our team to find your ideal waterfront real estate.

Take Your Cooking Outdoors

One of the most obvious uses for your waterfront outdoor living space is for hosting delicious meals. Opt for more than just a simple grill and have a full outdoor kitchen installed. This will allow you to take your cooking outdoors, which affords you the chance to enjoy the waterfront while you cook. Say goodbye to toiling away in the kitchen while your guests get to enjoy the beautiful sunset. Instead, with a full outdoor kitchen, you can cook every part of your meal from the beauty of the outdoors. Stand over the stove while sipping a glass of wine and enjoying the sunset.

You can even add a sink and other features to make clean up simple and to cut down on time spent indoors. Purchase a whole set of durable dishes that can be stored in your outdoor kitchen to make the whole process simple.

Feature Your Waterfront With Your Seating

When you are choosing the right seating for your waterfront space, make sure you opt for an arrangement where everyone will get a great view of the water. Instead of creating a traditional circle of chairs, create a U-shaped design where everyone is facing the water at least a little, without anyone facing towards your home.

Design A Space For Relaxation And Reading

While you may do a lot of entertaining and cooking meals along the waterfront, you can also utilize this space for quiet and relaxation. Design a special area near the water that is dedicated to quiet contemplation. You can design an area for reading, meditation, yoga, and other calming activities.

Not only will this special space become a sacred place for you to recharge, it will provide a wonderful way to connect with nature for any visiting guests. Utilize comfortable seating, minimalistic decor, and a separation from the larger entertainment area to create a calm space.

Add Plants And Decor That Compliment The Water

When you are designing your outdoor living space along the waterfront, don’t forget about adding in other elements of nature. Pick out plants and other decor that fits the natural vibe of the space. Hanging plants and rustic decor can tie the outdoor living space together.

When you are choosing decor for your waterfront property, think about elements that are subtle and earthy. With something as stunning as a body of water as your backdrop, you don’t need bold elements that will detract from the natural beauty of the space. Opt for simple lighting as well. For example, stringing a few strands of bulbs across your outdoor living space paired with vintage lanterns will fit the space much better than bright floodlights.

Implement Useful Features For Water Activities

Not only can you create a stunning outdoor space for enjoying meals, reading books, and watching sunsets, you can add features that will make water activities more convenient. For example, if you do a lot of boating, add a rack to hang life jackets on and space for coolers to be stored. If swimming is your family’s activity of choice, consider adding an outdoor shower for rinsing off. For the avid fisherman, a place to store tackle, poles, and gear will keep things organized.

The more you invest in your outdoor living space at your waterfront property, the more valuable your real estate becomes. Creating an outdoor living space you love will also allow you to get the most from this unique feature of your home.

If you are still on the hunt for the perfect realtor in Kirkland, talk to our team at Bryan Loveless & Associates. We will help you buy a home that you love and can turn into your dream space.