Are you considering buying your first home? Your retirement home? The home of your dreams? If you are in the real estate market, you want to be shopping smart. Asking yourself key questions before you get too far into the process will save you time, refine your focus, and help you find the perfect home. Buying a new home can seem overwhelming, but being prepared can make the process much smoother. Read on for great questions to ask before you buy your next house, and remember that Bryan Loveless and Associates are here to help you with your search!

Location, Location, Location

A first big step in refining your house hunt is to decide where you are going to live. Your job, your children’s schools, and friends and family may make this decision for you. If you are relocating to a new state you want to find a trusted real estate agent that can help you find your dream home. If you are moving close by, you probably already know the different neighborhoods in your city and which ones you might want to live in. Taking drives through areas you think you are interested in can give you a great idea of the exact streets you like, and you may discover areas you didn’t know existed! Settling on a city, neighborhood, or even a natural area you want to be close to can help you start your search. Our website gives you the convenient option of searching by neighborhood, really streamlining the house hunting process and allowing you to quickly find only the homes you are truly interested in.


The cost of your new home will also factor into your search. How much do you want to spend? Are you planning on staying in this home for years and see it as an investment, or will you only be in it for a few years? Having a fixed price range will really help you narrow your search down. It also helps you wade through hundreds of property listings, and setting your minimum price at a higher level will eliminate less expensive houses that you may not be interested in.


Everyone is looking for something different when it comes to the size of their house. You may have a growing family and need plenty of space to play. A large backyard for your children, or pets, may top your list as a necessity. Others may not want the size to become too large, or have too many stairs, to allow for ease of maintenance. Do you love to entertain? You may need larger living and dining areas to accommodate your family and friends. Are you hoping to only spend part of the year in your new home? A smaller footprint may be best to not have as much property upkeep. Consider the number of bedrooms as well. These will usually, though not always, increase with the size of the home. Do you love having a guest bedroom for friends to stay in? Do you have children that would like their own rooms? Consider how many bedrooms you need to be comfortable. The size of your new home will be the next step in sorting through the homes on the market and finding one that perfectly suits you.


Along with the size of your new home, you need to consider the size of the lot. This is the one thing that you won’t be able to change about your new residence. While you can add additions, patios, and porches onto an existing home, you typically cannot enlarge the size of the lot. Do you want room to roam and need an acre or more? If a property feels small or cramped to you, even if you love the house, you want to carefully consider if it can accommodate your needs. Do you have boats, RVs, or other toys that you want to store on your property? If there isn’t an existing shed or garage, is there room to build one? Do you like the views that the lot provides? A very sloped lot, or one that is extremely rocky, will pose challenges to building. Conversely, a flat, boxy yard can be boring, and you might want some interesting natural features to make your property unique. If you have pets or children, you want to make sure that there is adequate space for them to run around. If you are a master gardener, where will you put your flowers, plants, and veggies? A very shaded lot is not the best choice for growing an abundant vegetable harvest. The piece of land that your home resides on is just as important as the house itself, so make sure you take the lot into consideration.


Everyone has their preference for how their home is laid out. Do you love a large, grand entryway with an elaborate staircase? Is a cozy den or family room top on your list for family movie nights? What about stairs? A one-level home can be great for young kids, or for older individuals who don’t want to deal with going up and down the stairs everyday. Some people love the separation that stairs bring to a home, and really want their bedrooms on a different level than their living areas. Do you love an open floor plan with one huge room that encompasses your kitchen, dining, and living rooms? Or do you prefer your home to be more compartmentalized and cozy? Asking yourself these questions before you start your house hunt can help you quickly eliminate any homes that don’t have the kind of layout you want.


Your preferred style of home will factor into your search as well. Do you love the charm and character of older homes? Or are you drawn to a brand new property that no one else has lived in? Do you love the unique design and intricacies found in a Victorian home, or is a sleek midcentury home more your style? Look around at homes you are drawn to to see what they have in common. Do you love a big wraparound front porch, or more formal columns and pillars? If you love your existing furniture, will it be a good fit in the new home? While many people like several styles of homes, they are usually drawn to certain shapes and lines.

The Kitchen

Of all of the rooms in a house, the kitchen is one that you spend a lot of time in, and can really define the feel of the home. If you have always dreamed of having a huge island where guests can gather, you need to look for a home that has that feature, or enough space to remodel. A kitchen remodel is a huge undertaking, so if you can find a home that has a kitchen you love, you are that much closer to being able to enjoy you new house. Great cabinets, a luxurious countertop, high-end appliances, and extra amenities are all part of a kitchen that is both functional and beautiful.


Have you always wanted to live by the water? If having a property on the water has been a dream of yours, you need to contact Bryan Loveless and Associates in Kirkland to help you find a wonderful waterfront home! Because we specialize in luxury homes, many of them on Lake Washington, we are able to find our clients waterfront properties that they love! If your dream is to live on the water, make sure this item is high on your list of “needs”. Waterfront living provides opportunity for water play, relaxation, great views, and tranquility! Contact Bryan Loveless today to find your dream home!