When you choose a waterfront home in Kirkland, you are choosing more than just a beautiful location to live. You are choosing a new lifestyle and a world of opportunities, all accessible right from your back door. Here at Bryan Loveless And Associates, we specialize in assisting our clients as they search for the perfect waterfront home in Kirkland. As waterfront homeowners ourselves, we understand the unique appeal these waterfront properties have.

Whether you are looking for waterfront homes for sale and dreaming of your new lifestyle or you just purchased a waterfront property, take the time to explore the exciting activities you can enjoy from your waterfront home.

Fishing From Your Dock

What could be more peaceful than kicking back on your own dock with a fishing pole in hand? Many waterfront homes offer the perfect location for snagging your next big catch. If you plan to use your dock for fishing, take the time to invest in the right gear for the area. The wonderful thing about owning a waterfront home is that every investment you make is yours to enjoy for years to come and only adds value to the property.

The following are some items you can add to make your dock the perfect place to fish from:

  • Rod holders: Stop tripping over rods and losing poles into the drink by adding rod holders.
  • Comfortable seating: Set up the right seats for fishing, which should be both comfortable and practical. Swiveling seats allow you 360 access while you fish.
  • Baitwells and live wells: Adding a bait and a live well will provide you with a place to store your live baits, as well as your fresh catch.
  • Cleaning station: If you plan to keep your catch to cook it up later, add a cleaning station where you can prepare your fish for eating.

Boating Activities: Kayaking, Canoeing, Sailing, And More!

If you enjoy an active lifestyle, the waterfront is an ideal location for living. Your new luxury home on the water will allow you easy access to a variety of boating activities. Even a small dock will allow you space to drop a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard into the water. All of these simple boating activities will help you to build strength as you enjoy the beautiful waterfront.

If you have a larger dock and more room in your budget, you can invest in a ski boat, fishing boat, or even a sailboat. This makes for not only a fun family activity but also can offer you the chance to join a local boating club.

Yoga And Meditation

Living in a waterfront home doesn’t just mean enjoying activities in the water, it can also provide the perfect natural backdrop for non-water related activities you already love. Nothing is more peaceful than starting your day out with yoga and meditation on your waterfront dock.

Summertime Swimming

A favorite amongst the kids, taking a dip in the water is an easy but physically rewarding activity. Invest in a ladder that makes it easy to climb in and out of the water and be sure anyone who is dipping into the blue is well-versed in swimming.

Swimming is a great way to incorporate more exercise into your day-to-day routine and, as sports go, it is a very affordable hobby. Purchase a nice set of goggles and enjoy your backdoor access to your own swimming hole.

Cooking On The Waterfront

There is no better place to entertain your guests and host a delicious barbeque than on your waterfront dock. Utilize your outdoor living space by adding comfortable seating, ambiance lighting, and cooking equipment to create the perfect entertainment space. Perhaps you will even cook up your fresh catch from the day’s fishing, bringing your waterfront activities full circle.

Buying a waterfront home in Kirkland is investing in a different lifestyle. When you purchase a waterfront property, you are afforded a whole new set of opportunities and activities, all accessible right from your back porch. If you are looking for waterfront real estate, we hope you will reach out to our expert team to learn more about how we can help. As experts in waterfront real estate, we look forward to introducing you to this beautiful way of living.