When it comes to selling your home, it can be a stressful time if you feel unprepared and unsure of how to best go about the process. However, if you are properly prepared, it doesn’t need to be a chaotic experience. We are here to help you feel calm and at ease during the home selling process.

If you have a waterfront home in Kirkland, or in a surrounding area, and you are thinking of putting it back on the market, we are here to provide you with expert tips on how to make the sale go your way. By following these simple bits of advice, you can relax, knowing that your waterfront property will soon be someone’s new home.

Give An Extra Focus To The Outdoor Living Space

With any normal home sale, you want to ensure the property is in great condition before people start showing up to view the place. Your normal rules still apply with waterfront homes. Clean up the entire house and make sure clutter is put away. Try to take down any personal items, such as family photos, so that interested buyers can envision their own photos hanging on the walls.

However, when you are prepping a waterfront property for sale, you will want to spend extra time focused on the outdoor living space. People who are shopping for a waterfront property will most likely spend a lot of time paying attention to what the outdoor space is like. After all, they are choosing a waterfront property for the lifestyle it affords.

If the property facing the water is not in great condition, it might be worth investing in some repairs before you list the home for sale. Get rid of any clutter and junk that has accumulated around the property in order to portray the space in the best light.

Focus on what first attracted you to the place. Did you love the way the sunlight struck the water as you sat from your favorite chair? Stage the space so that those who visit will be able to experience that same amount of wonder.

Collect Information About The Area

Interested buyers are going to want to know more than just the number of bedrooms the house has, they will also want information about the area. You can either create a list based off of what you already know about the area or you can do some digging to ensure you have all the pertinent information someone might want to know.

Think about the waterfront lifestyle. New homeowners might be interested in joining a kayaking club now that they have a piece of waterfront property. Does your community offer such a group? Think of ideas, such as that, to help sell the place to interested parties.

Find A Real Estate Agent Experience In Waterfront Property

One of the most important things you can do to ensure the smooth sale of your waterfront home is to choose an experience real estate agent who actually understands waterfront properties. Not only do waterfront homes offer a unique set of benefits, they are truly geared towards individuals looking for a certain lifestyle.

When you pick a real estate agent who has experience selling waterfront properties and hopefully even living at a waterfront property, you will find the sale process goes much smoother. They will know exactly the right kinds of clients to show your property to and they will be able to highlight the very best about your unique waterfront property.

Go The Extra Mile

When you have chosen your real estate agent and they are getting ready to start showing the house, be sure you are prepared to go the extra mile. The more inviting you can make your home, and the better you handle the showing process, the greater chance you have of finding the right buyer.

Be ready to answer questions about the place and be ready to allow interested parties to tour your home. Talk to your real estate agent about what kind of showing schedule they want to stick to. If your real estate agent suggests an open house, be sure you prepare the property before the day arrives. Taking the time to clean things up before a showing can go a long way in the success of the open house.

The more willing you are to go out of your way to help your real estate agent, the smoother the selling process will go.

If you are looking to sell your waterfront home in Kirkland, talk to our friendly staff. We can help walk you through the process of getting the property ready and we can aid you in finding the right buyer for your unique property. With years of experience selling waterfront homes, we are the perfect team to help you out.