If you have recently purchased a waterfront home in Kirkland or you are on the lookout for the perfect waterfront property, you should consider the ways you will want to keep this unique home safe for the whole family. Here at Bryan Loveless & Associates, we are passionate about helping interested buyers find their dream waterfront real estate. We know you will benefit greatly from the new lifestyle a waterfront home offers.

If you are looking to make your waterfront home as safe as possible, we encourage you to check out these safety tips for waterfront homes. Reach out anytime to talk to our expert real estate agents about waterfront living in Kirkland.

Keeping The Kids Safe

Most children are extremely excited about living in a waterfront home. With easy access for swimming and boating, their new waterfront home affords them a unique playground right outside their back door. However, with the water being so easy to access, there is an added risk to the safety of your kids.

In order to make your waterfront home a safe place for the kids, implement these measures:

  • Gates and Alarms: If you have children who are extremely young, it is a good idea to add gates to your waterfront access and alarms to your doors. The alarms can help tip you off if your toddler has wandered outside, preventing accidents from occurring. Adding gates can help keep young children from accessing waterfront areas on their own.
  • Swimming Classes: Make sure every single family member knows how to swim with confidence. Whether you as an adult need a refresher or your young child needs beginning classes, there is no wrong age for swimming lessons. Many places even offer swimming classes for infants, which helps teach your baby how to float safely.
  • Safety Equipment: Be sure you have all the proper safety equipment needed. Arm boats with life vests and invest in life ring buoys for your dock.

Ensuring Pets Are Protected

If you have pets at your waterfront property, you will want to take the right steps to ensure they are protected against any harm that might befall them due to waterfront access.

For dogs that will be using the waterfront side of your property as their “yard,” be sure they are comfortable around the water before ever leaving them unattended. You can sign up your dogs for swim classes if they struggle with swimming, however, most dogs will naturally pick up on swimming due to instinct. If you plan to leave your dog alone by the waterfront, make sure that there is a gated area to leave them without direct access to the water. While your dog may be a champion swimmer, your dog can lack the judgment to know how far is too far when heading out on a swim. Be sure there is also an easy way for your dog to exit the water should they jump in, as ladders and other human-friendly methods won’t work for your four-legged pal.

The best rule of thumb is to never leave a pet alone by the water, but to instead make this a supervised activity.

Protecting Against Intruders

While a waterfront home may not be any more susceptible to intruders than any other home, it can draw more attention due to its luxury status. When a ne’er-do-well is on the hunt for a home to rob, a beautiful luxury home on the waterfront might scream of money and expensive belongings.

Be sure you invest in a high-quality security system that will keep intruders at bay. New, smart-home security systems are ideal as they provide you with immediate alerts, camera accessibility from anywhere, and the ability to control your home’s locks via a phone app. Due to the advances in technology, security systems can provide you with the peace of mind you need to keep your waterfront home secure, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

If you are on the hunt for waterfront homes for sale in Kirkland or surrounding areas, please reach out to the talented team at Bryan Loveless & Associates. We will help you find the perfect waterfront property for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about what is on the market and how you can locate the perfect waterfront home.