Have you dreamed of living near the water one day, and waking up to a gorgeous view? What is it about water that draws us to build houses right on the shores of a lake, ocean or river? If you have been looking at waterfront property, you know that there is something special about living right on the water! Bryan Loveless and Associates have experience buying and selling waterfront homes in the Kirkland area, and can help you find the property of your dreams! Read on to find out more about how amazing living next the the water can be.

Get Close to Nature

The water brings wildlife, and that brings opportunities for bird and other animal watching not available in every neighborhood. Watching birds swoop into the water to catch a fish is mesmerizing—imagine being able to do it from your living room window!  Many animals come to the water to drink, and if your home is on the shore you have a front row seat to catch some of the action! If you are someone who loves gazing at the water and the waves lapping on the shore, a waterfront home gives you daily access to natural beauty. Plus, the sunsets right out your back door are the perfect way to finish a long day! From the scenic views to the lapping waves, nature lovers love living on the water. Whether you spend most of your time with your feet in the water, or inside gazing out on the shore, a waterfront home is great for being close to nature and enjoying the great outdoors.


Living next to the water, especially a large, open body of water, gives a calming, tranquil atmosphere to your home. Looking out your windows at an expanse of water gives your mind a break from the busyness of life and the crowding of urban areas. Living next to the water gives a tranquility to your life, and the calming sounds that float into your home help to make your home a peaceful sanctuary. A waterfront home’s peaceful vistas and fresh air help to slow you down and calm the stressfulness of daily life. Plus, the closer you are to the water, the better the quality of air tends to be, and this fresh air just adds to the feelings of tranquility. Now research is showing that exposure to “blue space” (water) can help calm stress, and have a profound effect on health. Everyone loves a home on the water, and it might be because it is better for your health and wellbeing!


There is a unique privacy that comes with owning a home on the water. One whole side of your home backs to nothing but nature, and you will never have to contend with neighbors moving in on your water-side. This privacy makes your home more peaceful, secluded, and enjoyable. In this day where houses are built so close to one another, having a protected area behind your home can really help you keep your privacy. Most waterfront homes maximize the side facing the water, and there are many windows to let in the views without sacrificing privacy. If you love your home to feel like a private sanctuary, a waterfront home is a great choice.

Water Fun

Living on the water means instant access to any water activities you want to enjoy. Sailing, boating, kayaking, waterskiing, paddleboarding, and canoeing are all great ways to get out on the water, and are made easy when you can jump in the water from the back of your property. Forget the hassles of loading up your vehicle with all of your water toys, or hitching up your boat when you have a waterfront property. All of your water fun can be stored right at your property, and easily accessed. If you are currently paying for dock or marina fees, a waterfront home can save you not only time, but money. A quick kayak trip before work, or a leisurely boat ride late at night are all possible when the water is in your backyard! Plus, if you are an avid fisherman, you can cast all you want from your own shore! Swimming can be just steps away, and if you have kids they will be occupied all year with instant fun activities. Where there is water, there is the chance for so many fun activities!


When you buy a waterfront home, you are instantly choosing a home you know will appreciate in value. There is only so much shoreline available, and homes on the water will always be in high demand. A waterfront home is a great real estate investment, and you can be sure that the money you put into your home on the water will come back. A waterfront home will remain desirable in the future, and is a great way for families to enjoy the same property for generations. If you want an investment for your family, or your financial future, a waterfront home is a great investment!

A waterfront home offers so many wonderful benefits, both mental and physical. If you are someone who loves playing on the water, or just enjoys beautiful scenery, a waterfront home offers tranquility and access to water fun. Bryan Loveless is an expert on waterfront homes in the Kirkland area, and would love to help you find the perfect waterfront property. Contact our office today to start the search for your dream waterfront home!