Selling your home can be frustrating, exhilarating, depressing, freeing and stressful all rolled up into a ball of conflicting emotions. Whether you’re moving because of a new job position, a growing family, or just for a change of scenery, there is one commonality amongst all home sellers; you just want to get it over with and start this new phase of your life.

No one wants to remain in an awkward limbo of not knowing when you’ll actually be moving, instead, you want the process to go as swiftly and painlessly as possible. Not only that, but you want the best offer for the house you’re selling. While it fluctuates in areas like San Diego that have year round sunshine, it has become common knowledge in the real estate market that the prime time to sell your house is in the spring.

This is no different in Kirkland, Washington. Actually, it is even more imperative here than other locations if you’re looking to sell your home fast. With our gorgeous waterfront properties, home-buyers want the ability to imagine their kids playing in the lake while they comfortably sit on shore. A cold glass of lemonade in one hand, and a good book in the other. It’s hard for them to picture this while shivering underneath multiple layers of clothes with snot icicles protruding from their nostrils.

At Bryan Loveless & Associates, we understand your urgency and we’re going to do everything in our power to sell your house for the best price, in the shortest amount of time. While there might be some factors preventing you from waiting (maybe your new job starts in the winter or you need to move immediately to be with family), we’re going to give a few reasons why spring is the optimal time to sell your house.

Spring: The “On-Season” to Sell Your House

Curb Appeal

The snow has melted, the birds chirp as the flowers bloom, and the buyers have defrosted. Coming out in droves, they all have one goal in mind; finding their dream home. Spring is the undisputed champion of house buying/selling season, and curb appeal is a major factor in that.

First impressions are crucial when selling your home. Potential buyers tend to judge a property before they even step foot inside. You’re interior might be immaculate, but this won’t matter if they’ve already formed a negative opinion of the exterior. Buyers want to see their forever home from the moment they arrive.

While you will have to put in some effort to make the landscape appealing, the blooming flowers and shining sun will certainly give you an advantage when influencing interested parties. This time will also allow you to get the best property photography for those searching online. With the aid of daylight savings time, you’ll also be able to show your current home for longer hours, gaining more interested buyers.

Higher Prices

The housing market is unique in the fact that prices skyrocket during prime season. More houses available brings out more buyers, in turn creating a more competitive atmosphere. Due to the convenience of moving during the warmer months, the school year about to start, and the beauty of the scenery, the demand is high so the prices follow suit.

Higher Valuations

During valuations the appraiser will estimate the value of your home by comparing it to similar homes sold in your area. During the winter this can become extremely detrimental since there will be fewer comparisons to make, and most of these will likely be cheap, desperation sales for families or owners that need to sell their home then and there and will accept very low offers.

We recommend you wait until a few other homes are sold in your area before putting your house on the market. The more data the appraiser has, the better chance you have at an accurate valuation.

Bidding Wars

With more buyers looking for homes during the on-season, this raises the probability of having bidders or multiple offers. While this can be frustrating for those looking for homes, it is very beneficial for the sellers. Most of us are competitive in nature, and a house will become even more appealing to buyers when they know that multiple other people are interested so they tend to bid higher and be more willing to pull the trigger. Bidding wars can also lead to less demand for repairs and a higher potential for cash buyers.

Sellers/Buyers Become Particular

One downside to the on-season of the housing market is that with more options to choose from, buyers can become very particular when it comes to the house. With less pressure on them to settle, buyers will be looking for the “perfect” house and if your home doesn’t fit the bill, they feel like maybe the house for sale down the street might be a better pick. This means if your house needs some work, or just isn’t their “dream home”, they’ll move on to the next one.

The good news is that if the buyers can be picky, so can you! With more potential buyers, you don’t have to play down to someone’s bargaining or extreme demands. There’s always more fish in the sea looking for a new home.

Bryan Loveless & Associates

We understand that choosing the time to move isn’t always an option. Life is unexpected and sometimes you need to move then and there and don’t have the convenience of waiting for spring. Don’t worry, we’ll still use our cutting edge resources to attract qualified buyers and sell your home for the best price. After all, the winter does bring in motivated buyers who are ready to settle and escape the cold. But if you do have the time to wait, spring is definitely the best season to quickly sell your home.

At Bryan Loveless & Associates, we take pride in being one of the area’s most sought after experts in selling and buying luxurious waterfront homes. We use our property specific marketing strategies to find the most qualified buyers ready to live an incomparable quality of life on the lake. If you’re looking to join the community, or to sell your home in the Kirkland area, be sure to contact us today to schedule a no obligation market consultation!