Have you been searching the MLS listings aimlessly, looking at homes but not really sure why? Is your current home “just okay”, but you can’t help daydreaming about something new? Maybe it is time to consider a new home. We will explore the top reasons that people decide to buy a new home—maybe you fit into one of these categories!


If you are expecting your first child (or second, or third) you may be feeling the need for some more space. Kids need room to move around, and those tiny babies soon grow to be teenagers who would love a big yard, family room, and their own bedrooms. Maybe your home was perfect when you first bought it, but that was 10 years and no children ago. Or perhaps your home is set up great for adults with a floating staircase, marble floors, and luxurious, high-pile white carpeting, but not so great for children running around. Kids change your life, and having a baby is definitely high on the list of reasons why people buy a new home.

Too Small

Are you outgrowing your home? Many times the first home you purchase feels large at the start, but as life goes on begins to feel a little too small for your needs. Maybe you would love space for a home gym, an office, a home theatre, or a large kitchen for entertaining and your new home just can’t accommodate that. Maybe you have always wanted a two-story home, a basement, or a separate guest house. A new home can help you realize your dreams, and give you the space you need.

Job Changes


If you receive a great job offer that is far from your current home, you could commit to an hours-long commute or move closer to your workplace. Time is precious, so for many people it makes sense to move as close as possible to their job, cutting down on their commute or making it possible to walk, bike, or take public transportation. If you and your spouse have jobs that are on opposite sides of the city you may choose a central location that equalizes your commutes. A new job brings great new opportunity, and can be a major factor in moving to a new neighborhood and a new house.

Something New

Sometimes there is no pressing reason to move, but just a feeling of wanting a change. A new house brings the potential of living in a new area, having a different floor plan, or just a new architectural style. If you have done many renovations on your home and it still doesn’t feel like it is your taste, or if you don’t want to have to remodel the whole house, you may choose to move to a home that already possesses a lot of the qualities you are looking for. If you are finding yourself looking at houses online, stopping at open houses, or grabbing home brochures you may be ready for a new home!



Was your starter home perfect for you when you first bought it but now you could use an upgrade? Maybe it is too small, doesn’t have the features you want, or is in a neighborhood that you don’t love. Being able to upgrade a dwelling is a main reason many people choose to move to a new home, and to take advantage of living in something they couldn’t afford when they bought their first home. If you have considered remodeling your current home, but even then wouldn’t get all the upgrades you want, maybe it is time to look for something new.


Just as upgrading your home is desirable during certain points in your life, downsizing can be just as appealing. If your kids have moved out of the home, or you are tired of caring for a larger home, downsizing can be a great option. Of course, going down in size doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality or design features. Some people choose to buy a more luxurious house when they downsize—just a smaller one. If you are recently retired you may be wanting to spend more time travelling, and less time at home, and downsizing makes perfect sense.


If you are planning on having kids, or if your children are approaching school-age, the local school district becomes of utmost importance. While living in a trendy, up-and-coming neighborhood can be great for single people, when you have children the local schools really weigh in your house decisions. You might choose to move somewhere that the local schools are great, and easily accessible. Having quality schools is a major factor in home buying, and can also influence home prices.



If you find a neighborhood that has a lot of people your age, with similar interests, that can be a big provocation to move. Whether you are looking for young families with children similar ages to yours, or a neighborhood where most people are retired and home during the day, the neighbors can be a big draw when thinking of a new home.


Moving closer to family is a huge reason people choose to buy a new home as well. Parents might want to live closer to their children, or grandparents to their children and grandchildren. Living closer to family allows for easier family gatherings, holidays, and keeps up the family relationship. Parents may find relief in nearby grandparents who can help with young children, and older parents may appreciate the help they can get from their children. Moving closer to family brings many benefits, and a new home can help you do just that.



A home can be a great investment, and this also drives some people to purchase something new. If you plan on living somewhere for a long period of time, the appreciation of your home becomes built-in savings and can help with future plans or in retirement. Some people would rather buy something new with the equity they know is built up in their home, and take advantage of their great investment. Others just love to work on a house, sell it, and then buy something new to improve and beautify and eventually sell for a profit. If you want a great investment, buying a new home usually will be a great choice!


Have you loved your home, but wished you were a little further from your neighbors? A new home can give you more property that can give you the privacy you want. Large trees and other features of the land can help visually separate your home from that of your neighbors, and allow you to feel secluded. A huge yard, or water on any side can also help to separate your home and allow you to enjoy your own slice of the area.

Living on the Water

Maybe your house is perfect in every way except one—you’re not on the water! If you are looking for peaceful relaxation, being on the water is the way to go. Not only will you have the privacy of no neighbors on the water side, but you can enjoy water activities, have a great view, and have the perfect yard for entertaining! As we explored in our previous blog, waterfront living is amazing, and a home on the water could be your next great move. For many people, having a waterfront home is a goal they work towards, and when they finally are able to realize it spend many happy years enjoying their waterfront property.


So do you fit into any of these categories? If you live in the Kirkland area, you are in luck because Bryan Loveless & Associates are here as your experts on luxury and waterfront homes in the area! If you can’t shake the idea of a new home, or are moving to this great area, contact us today to get started on your dream home search!